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Alternative Treatments for Dogs

Useful Links

Some links to other sites, with relevant useful material

http://www.alternativevet.org/index.html - AVMC’s major information website


http://www.chiropractic-vet.co.uk/index.html - Information on Chiropractic Manipulation


http://www.veterinary-homeopathy.co.uk/index.html - Information on Homeopathy


http://www.veterinary-herbal.co.uk/index.html - Information on Herbal Medicine


http://www.veterinary-acupuncture.co.uk/index.html - Information on Acupuncture

http://www.holistic-vet.co.uk - Information on holistic veterinary medicine and techniques

http://www.equineacupuncturevet.co.uk - Acupuncture for horses

http://www.christopherday.co.uk/index.html - Book sales


http://www.horsealternatives.co.uk/index.html - Information on Alternative approaches to equine health challenges


http://www.catalternatives.co.uk/index.html - Information on Alternative approaches to feline health challenges


http://www.vetalternatives.co.uk/index.html - A general look at Alternative Veterinary Medicine options

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